Whole House Network Coverage

– K & S Audio Video Solutions combines wired and wireless network technologies to provide you with a robust home network. Wireless Access Points are strategically placed to eliminate weak spots and loss of coverage for your wireless devices. Stationary equipment is hardwired to achieve maximum data speed. Removing streaming hogs (like video and music) from your wireless network enables the entire system to perform at its peak. CAT6 cable is installed to achieve gigabit speeds and provide you with reliable networking.


STRUCTURED WIRING is a central home wiring system dedicated to distributing high-speed internet, digital TV and other services throughout your home. Cables are home run from each outlet to a central service panel located in the basement or garage.

Today’s home network has become increasingly important as we connect to the internet for almost every aspect of our lives.
Superior system performance is achieved by installing CAT6 data and quad shielded RG6 cable.

You need structured wiring installed in your new home when the following is applicable:
  • Stream movies, videos and music.
  • Need whole house wireless coverage.
  • Play online games.
  • Have a home office or frequently work from home.