Superior Cleaning Power

– Central vacuums completely remove allergens and dust away from your living area and provide a healthier living environment. It vacuums everything from hardwood floors to carpeting, and navigates stairs with ease. It can be used to vacuum walls, ceiling corners and, with a special attachment, ceiling fan blades. Basically everything from floor to ceiling can be vacuumed because there is only the hose and wand to lift, no unit attached like most uprights and canisters.

Central vacuums have excellent suction all the time. When the suction lessens, you know it’s time to empty the unit. Usually they only need emptying every six months or so, unless you have pets (and lots of pet hair), and then it may need to be emptied more often.

The units K & S installs are high quality units manufactured in the United States. Steel bodies and metal motors ensures longer life and less replacement. Sustainable design with recyclable materials help reduce your environmental impact. The central vacuum units come with a multi-year warranty, and will last for many years of cleaning.